• January 24, 2014
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Dear Tod,
Anytime a homeowner needs to hire a contractor, it is approached with a great deal of apprehension. In your case, I have two words for you – YOU ROCK!

In the past two years, you have completed two major remodeling projects for me.Your ethics and work performance are of the highest standards and you could teach many other contractors how to treat a customer. You were always on time(both with project completion and daily work performance), you were the severest critic of your work, you never left a mess at the end of the day and you always had time to listen to me. Those you hired for specialty jobs (Jeff, Danny, & Jorge)were equally competent and personable.

I am more than pleased with the results of your work. Many of the finishing ideas were yours and you turned a nice project into a spectacular one. I am extremely proud to show my family and friends the miracle you created turning a 70’s home into a modern 21st century home.
Thank you so much for everything you have done. Please know I am more than willing to recommend you to any potential clients. I already sing your praises to everyone.

I know you are already busy on new projects and I know that they will prove to be
equally amazing when completed. I look forward to working again with you in the future.

Very truly yours, your friend,
J. Schlenker