• January 24, 2014
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Now that our addition is complete, I wanted to take the time to thank you for the incredible job that you, Jeff, and the sub-contractors did for us. We heard horror story after horror story about remodels gone wrong, over-budget and over-schedule. We obviously invested a lot of our time, money, and energy into this project and both Kathryn and I can say without trepidation that it was all worthwhile and well-spent.

Far from a horror story, the three months you and your crew spent with us were respectful and professional. You treated the project and our existing home as if it were your own, you were quick to point out when something didn’t go according to plan, and always kept us informed about the progress (or lack thereof) on a daily basis. We loved the fact that you kept the entire thing an evolving conversation: no idea was dismissed as impossible and we were never treated condescendingly (even when we had no idea what we were talking about).

The most amazing thing (after all the warnings we received from others) was that your bid was your bid. It wasn’t an estimate or an educated guess. It was real and binding. Knowing that wouldn’t change was a huge relief for us as the project got underway.

Both you and Jeff (and the subs for the most part) were positive and informative, even when we could tell some projects were frustrating and/or tedious. Despite what you may have thought, we actually looked forward to seeing you guys every day.

In short, this project was an overwhelming success. We love our new master-suite and we are still surprised that it’s actually ours! We wouldn’t hesitate in a second to use Smith Builders again for any future project.

The only negative thing I can say is that your social media business skills are a little suspect. Your Facebook page reminds me of a small sea turtle, laid as an egg by its mother far from the ocean, left to hatch and find its way back home despite being unable to see, with birds of prey above and sea creatures waiting to end its life.

You guys were great.

Sincerely and thankfully,
Joshua & Kathryn Vigil